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Now access all your OOL files on the desktop version called OwnCloud.

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More about OOL

In a nutshell, OOL is a virtual cloud storage that music professionals operate, share and maintain.   It's basically run by YOU.  It's a storage portal that you use to share your work, send to labels and radio stations.  It's used to collaborate, communicate and motivate.  The service is powered by all industry professionals involved.

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Here are some examples of how OOL works:


Instead of communicating one on one, you can now communicate to all industry professionals at once.

  • Calendar to announce events
  • Shared text documents
  • Share headshots/photos
  • Shareable email/web links
Media Files

The heart of OOL is file sharing.  Sharing your music, programs, mixes and more.

  • Artists to radio stations
  • DJs to radio, artists
  • Shows to radio stations
  • Artist/DJs to labels
Industry Only

This is not a public website, it's a members only storage portal available by invitation only.

  • Connect with the right people
  • Share with music professionals
  • Amazing distribution
  • A new form of networking