Take back your privacy.

Break free from the big guys.

Search the way YOU want not how they want.  Fablist doesn't follow you, track you, sell you.
More and more users are breaking away from the big corporate sites after the abuse of privacy.  

No big brother here!

With the recent news of big social networks and search engines abuse of personal information, Fablist wants you to feel safe & secure with your web search.

Built for our community

Built for and by the LGBTQ community, we have many features specifically for our niche family.  This includes a algorithm that prioritizes searches for us!

You decide search results

The big search engines filter out many results that may want to see.  Fablist allows you to decide results with no filters, medium or safe results!

so why use fablist instead of google?

We don't track you, follow you, collect IPs and information.  We don't sell ranking listings.  We specialize in millions & millions of LGBTQ search results, unfiltered (if that's what you want).

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Fablist is light, fast and . . .gay!

Fits your lifestyle!  Works on any web browser, mobile device and tablet.

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No fluff, just good stuff.

Bookmark Fablist in all your device and take advantage of all the amazing features built just for you.  You'll notice a difference in search results!

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You decide terms.

Don't let the big guys decide how you're going to use their website.  Fablist lets YOU decide how your search results come in; unfiltered or safe mode.

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You set the design.

Easy to use settings allow YOU to design how your search engine looks, works and delivers your results.   It's all about you and we understand that.

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